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Truly enjoy the outdoors

Bring your bong everywhere – camping, music festivals, to the beach, to the park, hiking through the forest. Go Bong is so light and portable that you can literally throw it into your backpack and not even think about it until you want to use it.

titanium bong

Smooth, cool hits – anywhere you go!

We wanted the experience of a bong while out camping – so we made the Go Bong!

This cool little bong fits in the palm of your hand! Glass bongs are not ideal for taking on hikes or to the park. Our titanium bong fits in your purse or backpack – even in your hip pack! It’s designed to be easy to clean, super functional and really durable.

Go Bong is ultra portable and durable

Small in stature but ready for big hits! Take Go Bong on your next road trip and don’t worry about it breaking.

Dual purpose

The bowl doubles as a one-hitter for those times you just want a super convenient hit. It also makes Go Bong easy to clean!

Healthy to use

Go Bong is made from medical grade titanium which won’t produce any chemicals when you heat it.

$180 CAD

(*we ship anywhere in the world!)

It’s titanium, which is cool both literally and figuratively

Removable stem/bowl is easy to clean and works as a one-hitter

Medical-grade titanium is safe to use and virtually indestructible


titanium bong outside

“Sometimes I forget I brought it with me lol. It’s so light.”

“Surprised with how light this bong is.”

“I take this thing on every hike and camping trip.”

Questions? Send us an email 🙂